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Glacier’s experience working for municipal and industrial landfill owners includes:
› Construction of landfill cells from 5 to 30 acres requiring cut and fill volumes in excess of 100,000 cubic yards;
› On-site processing of native materials to produce engineered bedding, drainage and cover soil layers;
› Drilling and installation of LFG wells ranging from 12 to 36 inch diameter;
› Fusion welding of over 400 miles of HDPE gas and leachate piping ranging from 2–36 inch diameter;
› Supply and installation of automated condensate and leachate control and pumping systems;
› Supply and construction of blower/flare stations to 120mm Btu/hr. with PLC digital and analog control;
› And general civil construction including erosion control, drainage, concrete security fencing, power and lighting.
  North County Landfill, Stockton California

Glacier was responsible for the installation of a LFG system at this Northern California municipal landfill. Work included drilling and installation of 600 feet of vertical LFG well, over 7,000 feet of fusion welded HDPE gas and condensate piping from 1 to 12 inch, site work including grading, concrete and utilities to support a PLC controlled 800 scfm /28 MM Btu/hr. flare station. Glacier provided all equipment, instrumentation and start-up of this turnkey system.

Project Manager: Thayne Wastman


Roosevelt Landfill, Roosevelt Washington

At this Eastern Washington facility, Glacier constructed a methane collection system in an existing landfill area including the installation of 18 vertical gas collection wells, over 75,000 linear feet of 4 inch to thirty four inch diameter horizontal gas collection and conveyance piping, a blower/ flare facility, and motor control center. The blower/flare facility includes one 50 HP and one 100 HP blower, a seventy-two inch condensate knockout, two fifty-four inch plenums, and a sixty foot enclosed ground flare with automatic/manual remote ignition.

Project Manager: Phil Stellflug



Okanogan County Central Landfill Cell Construction, Okanogan Washington

In 2006 Glacier constructed the Phase 2b cell at this Eastern Washington landfill. In addition to 15,000 yards of excavation required to grade the cell, Glacier mined and screen processed approximately 20,000 cubic yards of site borrow to generate specified bedding and cover soil layers. Liner work at the site including 14,000 square feet of geosynthetic clay liner, 60 mil HDPE geomembrane and geocomposite drainage layer. Work also included roadwork, drainage berms and swales and repair of existing geomembrane.

Project Manager: Steve Miles



Hawks Prairie Landfill, Lacey Washington

Glacier completed closure of a 19.6 acre landfill cell at this western Washington site. Work included grading to final design slopes, installing geosynthetic and soil final cover systems, installing storm water and drainage control structures, adapting the existing landfill gas (LFG) collection system to the new final cover system, installing a permanent LFG flare station, and modifying the existing leachate collection system.

Project Manager: Phil Stellflug


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